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Excuse me.

- Bon Jovi's Ritchie Sambora

Why do you want to know more about me? This podcast is essentially about my dad and his brilliance and cool ability to speak science to non-science folks. But ok – I guess you want to know about that other voice on the show. So here’s the skinny on yours truly.

I’m one of those “creative” people who was always better at imagination and creativity than math and testing. I learned about heavy metal music in the mid 80’s and fell in love with it. When I was in high school, I discovered video production and set that as my goal. I went to college at a California State school, and emerged with a degree in Communication Design with an emphasis on Media Arts. I became a freelance shooter/sound guy for network TV and worked for years in the Bay Area.

Photos of me

Like all in the Bay Area in the late 90’s, I eventually into online stuff, and found myself doing more and more websites and eLearning projects for clients. It was there that I met my amazing, beautiful, brilliant wife, and when the Department of Defense came calling looking for some top-notch help, I gladly lent my hand to the project, and we moved back to our hometown of San Diego.

Eventually, I settled down, bought a house, had kids, and got a government job. (The American Dream, right?) That job required a pretty hefty commute, and that was when I discovered the joy of podcasts. In my hour commute, I was able to listen to a full episode going to work and coming home at night, and I was hooked. Later while my parents were visiting, the idea was born while driving them the hour to the airport. I was talking to my dad about Chronos – the sciency thing where circuits or metal elements are more likely to short while there is a low atmosphere, rather than full atmosphere (like on Earth,) or no atmosphere (like in space)… And that was it. I decided that this would be a great idea.


- Bill Gates