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    My grandparents, my pop, and me as a teen.

    Hello. My name is Joe, and my dad is a rocket scientist. Well, an astrophysicist to be exact, but rocket scientist works too since he's worked on rockets and satellites, and detectors, and all that space stuff his whole life.

    My dad is super smart, and super cool. He has this really neat ability to explain super complex physics and space stuff to people who aren't familiar with the content. That is such a cool skill. It's neat watching him explain neutrinos to some soccer-mom (or dad) um - (no offense to soccer moms and dads,) and have them leave the conversation actually understanding what a neutrino is, and why it's important. My friends have always liked talking to him, and he loved talking to my hessian friends too. \m/ \m/ I love podcasts, and one day it just struck me that it would be really fun for me to connect with my pop once a week and talk about space, and science, and all that stuff for an hour or so and record it. So, that's what we have here. My Dad The Rocket Scientist.

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